Corporate Social Responsibility:Marina Tuna Kitchen Lugaw Feeding Program

What started as a friendly offering of tuna lugaw (porridge) to Mayor Rodrigo Duterte during one of his visits is now a joint feeding project (PAGKAON SA MASA, PARA SA MASA) by MarinaTuna and the city government of Davao for the less fortunate. Sharing the same vision, both Mr. Domingo O. Ang and Mayor Rodrigo Duterte believes that “No one should get hungry and become desperate”.

With over 5 million Filipinos going hungry every single day, MarinaTuna finds it fitting to share their blessings and distribute one bowl of their healthy tuna lugaw at a time.

Share your blessings.

For every Marinatuna Meal you buy, a bowl of Tuna Lugaw is served to those who are going hungry daily in Davao City.

We welcome any donations to the Marinatuna Lugaw Kitchen Feeding Program.
Some of our recipients include nursing homes for cancer patients, orphanages, Lingap and other masses.