About Us

Offering a sumptuous dining experience with a variety of seafood choices of Japanese, Chinese and Filipino-Davao fusion specialties, MarinaTuna is a definite dining favorite in the Davao City gastronomic scene.

MarinaTuna’s main attraction is its ORIGINAL TEN WAY TUNA MENU EXPERIENCE. Utilizing all the major choice parts of the tuna, it’s prepared and cooked into 10 delicious and healthy dishes – just the way you like them. Starting with its opener, World Class TUNA SASHIMI to the Original Davao TUNA KINILAW to the CRISPY TUNA TAIL (Buntot) and the Famous Mouthwatering Davao TUNA PANGA (Collarbone) to name a few.

MarinaTuna is more than just a great tuna restaurant. It offers a complete source of premium fresh seafoods, live fishes, fruits in season – such as the durian and pomelo, and other food specialties showcasing Davao’s finest produce that pairs perfectly with everyone’s preference. MarinaTuna is not just a local’s food haven but more so, of visitors and tourists alike. Considered a landmark, you haven’t been to Davao, if you haven’t been to MarinaTuna.


Mr. Domingo Ang a CPA who has a deep passion and true love for tuna established Marinatuna on June 18, 2001 after he successfully organized the First International Tuna Transhipment Port in Toril, Davao city under the term of Mayor Rodrigo Duterte in 1995.

He got his experience from his father, Mr. Ricardo Ang Sr., a Yamang Dagat Awardee & Ricsan Development Corporation founder. He pioneered the first transshipment of Class A tuna to Japan from Davao by chartered plane direct to the Japanese sashimi market. Expanding its operations, Ricsan Development Corporation begun exporting frozen tuna in Japan, Italy and the United States of America.

As a leading tuna exporter, it also pioneered the first tuna purse seine fishing and tuna long line operation. It became the first company from the Philippines to go and conduct international fishing in the waters of Palau and that of Papua New Guinea.

Its support to the sustenance fishermen triggered the expansion of the Philippine Tuna Industry — wherein 5,000 units of tuna hand line boats were built and manned by 50,000 sustenance fishermen.

Life in the tuna business was never that easy. Many unsuccessful attempts were encountered before Mr. Domingo Ang, CPA savoured the taste of success. It took him more than 30 devoted years in the Tuna fishing industry before he established Marinatuna in 2001.

Unwavering in his faith and his tuna dream advocacy, he persevered to establish and turn Marinatuna into Davao’s Best Tuna and Seafood’s Restaurant making it a tourist destination and a household name creating a healthier option in the Davao dining scene.

At present, it continues its mission in creating memorable dining experiences and at the same time, highlighting customer satisfaction – that is, distinctly MARINATUNA. Well-loved by the guests, who never fails to come back and look forward to more surprising dining experience, this is what makes Marinatuna unremarkably Davao’s Pride.

MARINATUNA is named after Mr. Domingo O. Ang’s Daughter, Marina whom he considered as his lucky charm.

The Company believes that:

As we praise and trust the Almighty Creator for a new day, what matters most is caring for the fertile blue sea that provides us the world’s best tuna and seafood’s – from the fishing fleet to our valued customers and most of all, for those who are hungry every day.


To become the No.1 Tuna and Seafood’s Market Restaurant in Davao City.


  • To provide customer satisfaction by offering a friendly, fast and consistent service with highly competitive products to ensure a branded customer service.
  • To be more competitive and discover new market friends.
  • To create a memorable dining experience that is distinct to Marina Tuna as preferred by the guest.